X4 Braided Fishing Line-1093yds-Gray

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1.✅ Tough & Durable - OmaxBay PEx4 Fiber Braided fishing line excels at fishing through nasty cover like, brush, woodrocks, and boat docks. Braid is durable so that you won’t be retying nearly as often. You could go a whole season on one spool of braid if you wanted to.

2.✅ High quality coating & smooth surface, quickly cut into the water and avoid the influence to the floats, increased float adjustment accuracy.

3.✅ Tight Weave-High quality material and braided process, OmaxBay PEx4 Fiber braided fishing line is durable and high abrasion resistant. Made for a comfortable fishing experience in a mountain stream, lake or the shore.

4.✅ HIGH SENSITIVITY & ZERO STRETCH – It’s easier to feel what your lure is doing, and you will detect more bites. The lack of stretch means you can set the hook much faster and easier than with monofilament.

5.✅ Low diameter-This line features a low diameter, enable you get a thinner line with the same strength as the competition

6.✅ For any questions or support, our friendly support team in Oregon, USA is ready to help. No need to email and wait for someone in another country for service or help.